About Us

Our story

The inspiration for Frazzled Cafe came from our founder and patron Ruby Wax’s experiences during her best-selling book and theatre tours. Ruby met thousands of people looking to connect and share their stories. Whenever she asked her audience members if they wanted a chance to talk about what was going on for them, they always did.

Ruby sensed the need for a place where people could come together and connect with others in a safe, supportive space. A place where people could talk about the overwhelming stresses of modern life, free from judgement. This is what motivated her to create Frazzled Cafe in 2017.

Frazzled Cafe meetings provide a place where people who are feeling frazzled can meet to talk and share their stories. Our meetings create a supportive, anonymous and non-judgemental environment – a place where it’s ok to not be ok. Before the Coronavirus situation hit in the Spring of 2020, we held in-person meetings in Marks and Spencer and other partner venues across the UK. Once lockdown was in place, we moved all of our meetings online, offering virtual meetings typically lasting 45 – 60 minutes.

Our Meetings

We have three types of Frazzled Cafe meetings:

A large meeting with Ruby Wax, usually held three times a week, for around 100 people, and which lasts for an hour.
Our Facilitator meetings are held most days of the week for around 17 people and last for an hour.
Our Face to Face meetings, held weekly in different parts of the country.

Frazzled Cafe meetings are not about therapy or offering solutions. They provide a safe and confidential space where people can speak openly without worrying about judgement amongst a group of peers who understand how it feels to be frazzled. What is said in the meetings stays in the meetings. If you are asked how you are, there is never any need to answer with ‘I’m fine, thanks’.

For more information, go to our ‘meetings’ page.

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We are a registered charity and greatly appreciate any financial support to help us continue our work.