Frazzled Cafe Facilitators


Are you looking for a rewarding volunteer role? Do you want to be part of an enthusiastic and supportive team? Perhaps had experience of mental health challenges yourself? Are you a good listener and natural leader with a couple of hours free every other week?

On this page you'll find details about the voluntary Frazzled Cafe facilitator role and it’s requirements. You can also submit an application at the bottom of the page.

About the Volunteer Facilitator Role

Our voluntary facilitators play a pivotal role in the success of Frazzled Cafe. The primary responsibility of the role is to act as a representative of Frazzled Cafe and its ethos in meetings; enabling participation among group members by maintaining a safe, emotionally supportive and respectful environment.

The role requires a time commitment of 2 hours every other week (exclusive of travel), and applicants need to be able to commit for a minimum period of twelve months. Whilst cover can be arranged for holidays, sickness etc. it is important that facilitators can commit to the schedule in order ensure the stability, consistency and effectiveness of the group. 

In addition to our bespoke training program all of our facilitators will have access to the Frazzled Cafe supervisory and peer support network. 

Detailed Scope of Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the meeting space is set up appropriately, materials are available and displayed

  • Communicate any fire or emergency exit procedures as required

  • Welcome attendees on arrival and ensure everyone signs the attendance sheet

  • Begin and close each meeting punctually

  • Reiterate the purpose and structure of the meeting and draw attendees’ attention to the Frazzled Cafe guidelines

  • Lead a brief mindfulness exercise (provided) at the start and end of each session

  • Maintain a safe and respectful group environment, ensure adherence to the guidelines and help attendees to feel at ease and able to participate to the extent that they wish to do so

  • Promptly identify and minimise any disturbance or discord during discussion. This may at times require an exit strategy for individuals experiencing mental health crisis who require signposting to other, more appropriate services

  • Relay any relevant feedback from attendees to the Frazzled Cafe administration and upload attendance information following each meeting

  • Arrange cover with back-up facilitator if necessary or, if cover cannot be arranged, inform the Frazzled Cafe administration as soon as possible

Skills and Experience Required:

We are looking for Frazzled Cafe facilitators with engaging interpersonal skills, an empathetic and inclusive communication style, and the passion and enthusiasm to support Frazzled Cafe in achieving its objectives.

The ideal candidates demonstrate sound judgement and emotional intelligence, a strong understanding of the need for confidentiality and a sense of humour. They are observant and competent in identifying potentially disruptive behaviours and have the confidence and ability to discretely intervene if necessary to disperse them. 

We have listed below the essential and desirable qualities that we are looking for in our facilitators. The qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and personal qualities outlined here provide a summary of what is required to carry out this role effectively. They also form the basis on which a decision to appoint facilitators will be made. Please provide evidence of these criteria in your application.

To fully understand the role and what we do, we would also encourage you to attend a meeting before applying if there is one running locally to you.

Selection Criteria Description: Essential (E) or Desireable (D)

(E)   Strong interpersonal skills, ability to engage in active listening

(E)   Non-judgemental and respectful attitude to all individuals regardless of background or presentation; inclusive approach

(E)   Empathic and compassionate; emotionally supportive

(E)   Understanding of the need for and boundaries of confidentiality

(E)   Resilient and willing to engage in self-reflection for personal gain as well as group development

(E)   Proven ability to manage group processes effectively and mitigate disruption or disturbance with gentle authority

(E)   Educational qualifications to a minimum of A Levels or equivalent

(D)   An understanding of mental health and factors that can affect wellbeing including the triggers and signs of common mental health issues

(D)   Direct experience interacting with/supporting individuals experiencing mental health issues, i.e. as a Mental Health First Aider* (

(D)   Training and experience in behaviour analysis or other effective evidence based intervention techniques

* You can find out more about Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training here

Why Apply?

As a volunteer facilitator you will have ample opportunities to meet new people and learn new skills, but did you know that there is also evidence that volunteering can be beneficial to the volunteer's overall psychological well-being? Research has provided evidence that individuals who volunteer experience a range of positive outcomes such as a general increase in happiness, increased self-esteem, increased social interaction, and even lower mortality rates (Piliavin and Siegl 2007, Post 2007).

Following a comprehensive induction, support will continue to be provided to our facilitators through tailored training, regular interaction with a qualified supervisor and access to a facilitator peer to peer support network.

You will also be helping to make our mission of establishing Frazzled Cafe across the UK in as many locations, for as many people as possible, a reality. Your involvement will make a difference!

 Please note that we are only recruiting in the UK at present