Our Guidelines

To help ensure that our meetings run smoothly and in line with the values of Frazzled Cafe we ask that all participants agree to follow these guidelines:


  • To act with integrity. Please respect one another’s confidentiality and anonymity.  You are welcome to connect with one another outside of a meeting, if mutually agreed, but please do not name anyone or discuss anything you may hear in a meeting with others who have not attended


  • To let everyone have a voice. Please respect one another by giving all attendees the chance to contribute without interruption and by not dominating or disrupting the conversation.  The facilitator may show a white card after 3 minutes to signal the end of a speaker’s turn.


  • To listen without offering solutions. Please focus your contribution on personal experiences and not political/thematic concepts.  When speaking also please focus on what resonates with you personally, not on providing answers or solutions to others.


  • To be kind to ourselves and each other. This is NOT group therapy and no-one should feel under pressure to say anything.  We do hope that in hearing others’ experiences you will feel encouraged to share your own. Whether you speak or not, please treat each other in a supportive and considerate way.


  • To welcome people from all backgrounds and points of view.  We have no religious, political or commercial affiliations and ask that participants refrain from promoting any that they might have.


  • To be present. To benefit fully from the session and stay present in the room, please try to avoid distraction from phones or other devices.


  • To agree to access the meeting in a confidential, quiet space that is not available to the public or other non-attendees. Your Facilitator or Host may ask you to leave the meeting if they deem you to be in an inappropriate venue.


  • Please note that this is not a space for those under 18 years old, although please do let your Facilitator or Host know if you are struggling with alternative childcare.