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Feeling stressed? Frazzled Cafe is a charity that provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment where those feeling ‘frazzled’ can talk openly about how they’re feeling. Sessions offer the chance to speak, to be heard, to feel a sense of connection and to listen and learn from like-minded people with similar experiences.

Normally the fortnightly meetings are held in small groups across the UK, but Frazzled Cafe has now launched online meetings that anyone can join, wherever they live.

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“I find it remarkable that this support is on offer and for free?! It’s a unique, friendly, safe place, allowing me to feel less alone with my anxieties by gaining support from others experiencing similar feelings. I can’t thank you enough and also M&S for hosting.”

Anonymous, London

“Really useful outlet during a period of anxiety. Great to meet and help others on their journey whilst finding a way through my own in a helpful setting.”

Anonymous, Liverpool

“It was a bad time for me. I was pretty down. I can’t thank you enough Ruby Wax. Although I have not attended for a while as have returned to work after retiring as a nurse. I am in a much better place. The meetings were a BIG help, and I love to know it’s there. Thanks a million.”

Anonymous, Handforth Dean

Welcome to the new Frazzled Cafe!

If you have any feedback, let us know in the feedback section.

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